After the Japanese Micro Change and Diakron toy lines were bought by Hasbro and released as The Transformers in the US, they needed something to make all the kids buy the action figures. In addition to the animated series, the US and UK comics were given birth by Marvel Comics. In addition to the 80 regular issues, special magazines such as Transformers the Movie and Headmasters were released.
In 1992, after the Transformers' popularity faded, Hasbro made an attempt at resurrecting the phenomenon with Transformers: Generation 2. The Gen 2 comic only lasted for 12 issues.

For me, Marvel's TF comics were the thing when growing up. Most of the appeal was probably from the cool machinery and action, but a part of it certainly came from the fact that you never knew what could happen next. There were always new characters to introduce, and conflicts between enemies as well as allies to solve. And unlike many "safe" kids' comics, the good guys could get their asses seriously kicked once in a while for a big dramatic impact.
I now naturally realize that most of the plot twists were just created to introduce new toys for us to buy. But I never spent my parents' money for more than a couple of the action figures, while never forgetting to get the latest copy of the magazine. The comics still make quite entertaining reading, if not taken too seriously.

The Original Marvel Comics Series

Issue 1: The Transformers
Issue 2: Power Play!
Issue 3: Prisoner of War!
Issue 4: The Last Stand
Issue 5: The New Order
Issue 6: The Worse of Two Evils!
Issue 7: Warrior School!
Issue 8: Repeat Performance!
Issue 9: Dis-Integrated Circuits!
Issue 10: The Next Best Thing to Being There!

Issue 11: Brainstorm!
Issue 12: Prime Time!
Issue 13: Shooting Star
Issue 14: Rock and Roll-Out!
Issue 15: I, Robot-Master!
Issue 16: Plight of the Bumblebee!
Issue 17: The Smelting Pool!
Issue 18: The Bridge to Nowhere!
Issue 19: Command Performances!
Issue 20: Showdown!

Issue 21: Aerialbots over America!
Issue 22: Heavy Traffic!
Issue 23: Decepticon Graffiti!
Issue 24: Afterdeath!
Issue 25: Gone but not Forgotten!
Issue 26: Funeral for a Friend!
Issue 27: King of the Hill!
Issue 28: Mechanical Difficulties!
Issue 29: Crater Critters
Issue 30: The Cure

Issue 31: Buster Witwicky and the Car Wash of Doom
Issue 32: Used Autobots
Issue 33: Man of Iron part 1&2
Issue 34: Man of Iron part 3&4
Issue 35: Child's Play
Issue 36: Spacehikers!
Issue 37: Toy Soldiers!
Issue 38: Trial by Fire!
Issue 39: The Desert Island of Space
Issue 40: Pretender to the Throne

Issue 41: Totaled
Issue 42: People Power!
Issue 43: The Big Broadcast of 2006
Issue 44: The Cosmic Carnival
Issue 45: Monstercon from Mars!
Issue 46: Cash and Car-Nage!
Issue 47: The Underbase Saga part 1 - Club Con!
Issue 48: The Underbase Saga part 2 - The Flames of Boltax
Issue 49: The Underbase Saga part 3 - Cold War!
Issue 50: The Underbase Saga part 4 - The Electrifying Conclusion

Issue 51: The Man in the Machine!
Issue 52: Guess Who the Mecannibals Are Having for Dinner?
Issue 53: Recipe for Disaster!
Issue 54: King Con!
Issue 55: The Interplanetary Wrestling Championship!
Issue 56: Back from the Dead!
Issue 57: The Resurrection Gambit!
Issue 58: All the Familiar Faces!
Issue 59: Skin Deep
Issue 60: Yesterday's Heroes

Issue 61: Primal Scream
Issue 62: Matrix Quest part 1 - Bird of Prey
Issue 63: Matrix Quest part 2 - Kings of the Wild Frontier
Issue 64: Matrix Quest part 3 - Deadly Obsession
Issue 65: Matrix Quest part 4 - Dark Creation
Issue 66: Matrix Quest part 5 - All Fall Down
Issue 67: Rhythms of Darkness!
Issue 68: The Human Factor!
Issue 69: Eye of the Storm
Issue 70: The Price of Life!

Issue 71: Surrender!
Issue 72: ...All This and Civil War
Issue 73: Out of Time!
Issue 74: The Void!
Issue 75: On the Edge of Extinction!
Issue 76: Still Life!
Issue 77: Exodus!
Issue 78: A Savage Circle
Issue 79: The Last Autobot?
Issue 80: End of the Road!

November 13, 2001
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