I'm losing my nerves here.
How can anybody be as annoying as the guy in the room next to me?
He whistles.
He sings.
He stomps his feet.
He drums the table with his fingers.
He's driving me insane!

The funny thing is.. I'm not sure which one of us has had too much caffeine. Am I just too edgy?

(on September 8)

Things were quite tense between certain employees in the office today, and I had to witness the intense argument firsthand. It wasn't that nice to sit a few meters away listening to ppl fighting about something not involving me in any way.
Was it about something relevant and important like our hiring policy or salary issues?
No. It was about folders and notebooks.
The two people in question have been in certain heated discussions earlier as well. Next time they'll probably come to blows.

It's almost 1 o'clock, and I have to get up in 8 hours. But there's just too much stuff to do before going to bed. 7 hours of sleep has got to be enough. It's not pleasant, but I can always sleep long the next night since my trip to Helsinki got cancelled.

Btw, the latin alphabet looks quite interesting after a few hours of hiragana practice.

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