22:48 EET

I've become quite addicted to walking.
When I got the idea to walk home from work last june, I had no idea it would become this kind of regular habit. This miniscule excersise has also upgraded my level of fitness from unbelieveably god-awful to quite damn awful. I used to feel totally exhausted after some 5km of legwork, but now I feel hard to stop upon reaching my destination. So, this means I should probably take a longer route from now on. Who knows, maybe some day I can qualify as healthy and fit. Some day..

I actually enjoyed work today. Quite easy assignments which even required creativity instead of the mindless drone stuff I sometimes get. The boss even wasn't getting on my nerves, and the general atmosphere was nicely relaxed. Makes me happy to get up early tomorrow for an another workday.

Blah, no buds to be found anywhere at the moment. Hash and good quality blotter are floating in every direction, but those don't really interest me at the moment. Oh well, I only venture into the world of herbal remedies a few times a month anyway.
But still.. I wish I had a roomy apartment.
Of course, Finland getting rid of certain senseless laws couldn't hurt either.

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