Many mixed feelings about the day.

Work was quite sweet for a change. I was assigned to be the project manager for some small projects we're working on. While this doesn't really make a difference in one way or the other, it at least made me feel a bit more significant and trusted. Furthermore, a client was actually pleased with our work, and I got some praise from the boss as well.

And then I had a doctor's appointment about my knee. After twisting my leg around and hearing me describe the symptoms, he told me it was probable I had torn a ligament just as I suspected. However, my recent X-Ray showed a possibility of cartilage damage, which would be very nasty. Usually medical professionals tend to sugar code things, so when the doc told me straight that such damage for someone my age was really really bad, I must admit I freaked out a bit.
So now I'm waiting for further examination, having all sorts of nice thoughts about having an unworkable knee in my 30s running through my head. Great. In some ways it may be a good thing for us to get reminded of our mortailty every once in a while.. but I could live without it. (bad pun intended)

Oh well, I think I broke even.