19:43 EET

The wonderful autumn weather really blows away all the weariness and bad mood created by stress and not-quite-ideal sleeping patterns. Only a few short weeks ago I was sweating like a pig and cursing the endless summer. Well, not anymore! The last two days the fall has been nothing short of perfect: cold, windy and dry. I hope this won't change until the winter arrives.

Ok, that's it for Break's weather watch. Sorry about that.

With more deal-making at work today, my financial situation for the near future is becoming clear. At the moment it looks like I may actually be able to afford my planned trip to Japan. With that, the biggest issue would be getting some company along for the ride. ReXX seemed to like the idea, but he'll probably go touring around Europe instead. An another friend would love to go, but doubts he can get the cash. Going alone is not completely out of the question, but I'd prefer sharing the experience. Oh well.. There's still plenty of time to organize.

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