15:48 EET

I signed a new contract today.
This one is only in effect to the end of september, though. After that we'll check out the situation and decide about the future. The new deal isn't even as bad as I expected. No insane working hours and a somewhat-decent salary. I lost all that precious sleep last night for nothing.

The money is really welcome, though. A trip to Japan has been on my mind for months, but now I've started planning it for real. The journey will probably take place at autumn 2001, as long as I manage to save enough funds in this time. Not many details are planned as of yet, since there is a year (or more) to go. Getting a friend to travel along would be great, but my Nihon-enthusiast pals can't most likely afford the trip. I'm not sure about myself either, although it wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't such an impulsive spender. Maybe this will become a serious test of my self control.

Blah. I only got some 4.5 hours of sleep last night, so I decided to keep myself awake with some caffeine pills.
*bzzt* bad idea!
This buzz doesn't really make me want to work. It makes me want to run around the office and jump on walls.
Stimulants were never my thing.

More later, when I'm back home, off the evil legal narcotic and finished eating the long-awaited jambalaya.

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