Well, last night was something else.

Being the die-hard geek I am, I was playing Operation Flashpoint early in the evening, very concentrated at getting the mission finished.
Soon I started feeling like my eyes were crossed, I didn't seem to be able to focus properly. Soon I started to get a bit dizzy, and decided playing a 3D game might not be wise at this point.
I left my computer to the kitchen for preparing something to eat, but the dizzyness and disorientation started to get worse. All this is very hard to describe, but let's just say I felt totally fscking weird. My parents arrived along with my sister, but I didn't say anything not wanting to alarm them unnecessarily.

Then my left arm went numb.

Ok, this was clearly not an oncoming flu. The numbness shifted from my arms to my mouth, and all the while I was feeling like my brain was two seconds behind my body.

Time to visit the doctor.

I got my dad (the kind of guy who believes you have to at least have both of your arms and a leg cut off before swallowing your pride and visiting the doctor) to drive me to the health center. At this point I had already gone through all the worst case scenarios in my mind, thinking about the two people I knew who have recently passed away from sudden attacks.
During the 1.5 hour wait to see the doctor, the symptoms slowly disappeared, replaced by the oh-so-familiar headache making me suspect this had something to do with my migraines. Suddenly I remembered the exactly same crap had already happened to me when I was around 9. I had been watching a crappy movie late at night and got the exactly same symptoms, from the eye weidness to the numbing. Back then I didn't even consult a doctor, just slept it off. And I was completely fine afterwards, so this couldn't be that serious.

The doctors confirmed my suspicions - the thing I experienced was nothing more than a nasty migraine aura, most likely triggered by concentrating on a 60Hz* screen while being very tired. I got a prescription, and could finally relax knowing I wasn't experiencing anything life threatening.

10.5 hours of sleep never felt this good.

No, I do not usually use 60Hz. Some games simply refuse to work on a decent refresh rate. Blame Canada.