15:41 EET

Sonera - Make Things Suck
The net connections to Sonera were out for the entire workday. No E2, no IRC, no mail.. After spending 5 years online, I have clearly began to take the internet for granted. I felt so lonely and naked without all the porn.. um, information.

The boss has again been bitching about my working hours, and said they'd be enforcing a nazi schedule to my next contract. This time I told it straight to his face: if the "pay" (if you can even call it that) doesn't get any better, there's no way they'll get me to wake up hellishly early. Then again, if they really want their employees to be half-asleep at the office, so be it.
The above mentioned boss is always attacking me for stupid things. I have an IRC client running all the time - minimized for 90% of the day. To him, this means I'm doing nothing besides IRCing! Sheesh. His mere presence makes working here quite unpleasant. The new contracts should damn well be good, or it's adios to this crappy company.

All the crap I've taken at this slave labor camp has caused my mood to be nowhere near what it should be on a friday. Thankfully a good friend is coming over tonight. Maybe that will take my mind off the worries.

Oh, it's september already?
Well.. Where's the autumn then? The summer weathers still refuse to disappear. I guess all the other finns are ecstatic about this.