A 15-voice digital drum machine. Released in 1985.

The TR-707 resembles the hugely popular TR-909 model, with similar hat, cymbal and clap sounds. All 15 sampled instruments have individual outputs, but unfortunately no editable parameters apart from volume and accent. (thanks to sakke for pointing this out)

The sequencer can hold up to 998 events in 64 patterns and 4 songs. External memory cartridges can expand the capacity by three times. Features on the sequencer include flam and shuffle effects plus a big matrix display.

Both MIDI in/out and DIN sync are availalbe for external control.

kick 1
kick 2
snare 1
snare 2
low tom
mid tom
hi tom
rim shot
cow bell
hand clap
open hi-hat
closed hi-hat
crash cymbal
ride cymbal

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