A monophonic analog synthesizer with a 37-note keyboard. Released in 1978.

The SH-2 is very similar to the SH-09 and SH-101 models, but with 2 oscillators for a much thicker sound. Unlike in the SH-101, they are also detuneable.

Available waveforms for the 2 VCOs are pulse, square, sawtooth, sine and noise. A square-only sub-oscillator is also included.
The filter is a resonant 24dB/octave low-pass VCF, which can be modulated by the single ADSR EG, LFO or keyboard tracking. As with most of the SH line, external input for the VCF is available.
The LFO (with sine, square & sample/hold), the auto bend function and the general design are also very much like in the other SH synths.

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