Also known as ProMars Compuphonic, MRS-2 is the monophonic little brother of Jupiter-4.

The two individual VCO:s along with the high-pass and resonant low-pass VCF:s create a thick and Jupiter-like sound. An ADSR envelope generator is available for the VCA as well as the VCF. A white noise generator is also included.

There are 10 (quite cheesy) preset sounds along with 10 user programmable patches. "Compuphonic" is yet another fancy buzzword from Roland, standing for the patch memory.

The controls are typical for a vintage synthesizer, with plenty of sliders and knobs making programming the MRS-2 quick and simple. They are arranged a lot like in the SH series and the JP-4.
Also included is a pitch/mod wheel which can affect either the LFO, VCF or VCA.

The unit looks like a shrinked version of Jupiter-4, with a 37-note keyboard and better situated patch buttons. It was in production from 1979 to 1982.

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