An analog/digital hybrid synthesizer. Manufactured between 1984 and 1988.

The Juno-106 offers a single DCO per each voice, switchable between sawtooth and pulse (with PWM) waveforms. Both sub-oscillator and noise generator are included, with simple level sliders.
The filter section contains a resonant 24dB/octave low-pass VCF for each voice, with controls for cut-off, resonance, polarity and ENV/LFO/keyboard modulation. A high-pass filter with cut-off switch is also available.
A single ADSR envelope generator is featured on the VCA, with sliders for each stage. The LFO is fixed to the triangle waveform and has typical rate & delay controls.

Other features include portamento, a chorus effect and MIDI in/out/thru & SysEx support. The 106 can also be switched to the unison mode for a thick monophonic 6-DCO sound.

ADSR Times:
 Attack: 1.5ms - 3s 
  Decay: 1.5ms - 12s 
Release: 1.5ms - 12s

  width: 992mm
  depth: 330mm
 height: 120mm
 weight: 10kg

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