A rap-"sensation" from Finland.

Petri Nygård got hugely popular this summer due to his officially distributed mp3-demo and two singles. So popular, he was both the first and second simultaneously in the Finnish single chart.

Petri's music is characterized by hillbilly lyrics about boozing, getting laid and making fun of Finnish rock artists, combined with inept backgrounds and a total unprofessional feeling. He naturally raps using the Finnish language, so everybody can understand his "message".
Nygård's image is also carefully constructed, convincing the masses that he actually does nothing but parties, drinks hard liquor, smokes tons of weed and gets pussy all the time.

The man is also very mysterious. He never shows his face, gives TV interviews nor performs live.


Because Petri Nygård doesn't exist.

He is actually a project by a group of serious Finnish rappers, nuERA, who normally rhyme in english. Petri's voice is done by Petri Laurila alias Dream, the founding member of the act. Apparently nuERA got pissed off at the bad sales of their recent album, and decided to create an artist who would top the charts just by being a stupid disgusting redneck, and at the same time a spoof most people couldn't understand.

And they succeeded.

The first full P.N. album was released today. It will be no.1 next week. Go Finland.

But I must admit that while Petri Nygård was just created to fuck with the entire country (pardon my french), his lyrics are still quite funny. He has often been described as the "Eminem of Finland", and that is actually very fitting. Both say crazy stuff they don't really believe in just to make people buy their record and make others mad. Petri just adds the basic-Finn-yokel-image to the mix.

Update - February 21, 2000

In a recent interview Sport, who is one of the guys running Petri's label and has also appeared on his mp3-EP as Obelix Häkkinen, told that the first Petri Nygård tracks were made around 1998. They were initially just created as a joke (duh), but after "waiting for the right moment" the Liepo posse decided to see if they could actually sell it to the public by first creating a hype on the internet. I would say this "experiment" was quite successful. :)

After I created this node, Petri actually has performed a few live gigs around Finland. His wardrobe naturally consisted of a thick jacket, a scarf around his face and sunglasses, so nobody could recognize Dream and the Petri myth wasn't broken.
No, I didn't witness the performance myself. But I've seen photographic evidence.

Update - May 13, 2001

Petri's second official album was released last friday. I wasn't expecting it to be good, but I must say it was surprisingly bland and boring. The funny lyrics were the only redeeming feature of this joke product, but for the most part they just seem tired and repetitive.
The last track of the album is the only one I found funny and listeneable, probably because it is a direct continuation to the Pillumagneetti EP.
I love the message "Vitun MP3Äpärät" ("fucking MP3-bastards") behind the back cover's copyright notices. :)



Vitun Suomirokki
May 29, 2000

Kanava Nolla (Antakaa Mun Olla)
July 3, 2000

Mun Levy!
August 11, 2000

Rääväsuu (featuring EM:EL)
autumn 2000

Petri Hallitsee Liigaa
April 12, 2001

Petri Presidentixi
May 11, 2001

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