Suffering from the usual weekend low.

Once again, It's that time of the week. Everyone I know is either out there partying or spending time with their significant others. Thanks to my looks, I'm not welcome to parties and can't find a girl in my dreams. So apart from the few pals I may meet on E2/IRC and my family, I'm pretty much cut off from any human contact for the 2.5 days.
It's not like I wouldn't have anything to do. Quite the contrary. There are tons of enjoyable activities, but in the midst of all the sequencing and modeling one starts to long for emotion, warmth and plain old fun with friends. The feeling of isolation doesn't get to me easily, but when it does I'm down faster you can say "EDB".
Perhaps I should just stop thinking about all this and concentrate more on the things I spend my time on. If I'm doomed to be lonely and unable to find love and companionship, so be it. Spending my entire life feeling sorry for myself is not what I've had in mind. But sometimes I just can't help it - hence childish writeups like this one.
Thankfully I can't dwell on this silly crap next week. Tri-annual IRC parties kick ass.

Btw, happy birthday to binarydreams!

All incoherency in this WU so far is purely caused by extreme weariness. Apologies.