Good morning!

There's nothing as enjoyable as waking up to find more of your stuff nuked. Now I have to consult my backups, as well as bring them up to speed.
Why is it that when they nuke something of mine, it's never one of my worst pieces of crap?

My right pinky hurts.
In all the buses here, there is a small mat near the door designed to collect as much dirt as possible from the bottoms of the passengers' shoes. This morning some dumbass had left the rag conviniently folded, so while rushing to the seat half-asleep, I tripped on the damn thing. Equiped with cat-like reflexes even with the early-morning haze inside my head, I managed to reach out for something with my hands. Unfortunately, something hit my pinky straight on, causing a great deal of pain before the endorphin kicked in.
At least it's not broken. Pressing down the right shift and enter keys is somewhat difficult, though.

Ok, found out what the nuked writeup was. And all I can say is -why?
These occurrences don't really motivate a person to keep noding, you know. But since all the truly bad WUs seem to be consistently left intact, maybe I should keep submitting senseless trash. Or how about just sticking to day logs? Hmmm.

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