I wonder.. How did I manage to hit the hay so early last night? Perhaps my body had enough of me turning it into an exhausted, numb, red-eyed mess by staying up late every workday. Whatever the cause, I'm glad I got the 8 hours. Now I am actually able to concentrate on both work and noding, instead of just yawning the day away. And that's especially nice today because of the important meeting coming up tomorrow. We're supposed to have something concrete to show to our client. Which means I'll be drowning in the good old PHP again.

Arachnophobia sucks. Last night - for the first time in a good while - I was assaulted by two of those ugly bastards, who most likely entered the house with the wood my father brought in for the fireplace.
All kinds of spiders won't terrify me. It's mostly only the ones with insanely long legs that creep the hell out of me. And the first one of the two creatures I encountered last night was one of the biggest specimens I have yet seen. I spotted it crawling less than 10cm away from my foot, resulting in immediate silent panic.
This irrational fear is especially annoying because I consider myself to be a quite rational person. Finnish spiders are relatively small and completely harmless, so I know they can't hurt me. Unfortunately there is no chance to think as the feelings of disgust and terror hit me like a lightning.
This is just so stupid. If I must suffer for a phobia, why not one that would make some sense?

Oh, right.. Work. More later.

To be continued...

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