Pardon my French, but the public transportation in Hämeenlinna fucking sucks. I'm arriving on the bus stop in time, as usual, and see the bus arriving way early of its schedule. Since there is somebody waiting there already, I decide to run for it and dash towards the stopped vehicle. I'm about 4 meters away from the door, when the driver - who most certainly sees me coming - takes off.
Arigato gozaimasu.
So here I am again, arriving late at the office. Thankfully my boss isn't present or I'd be in trouble again. Boycott Vekka-Liikenne!

And don't even think about telling me it's the Friday 13th causing this. 13 is my lucky number and Friday my favorite day of the week. So unless I am hit by a meteor in the next 12 hours, I refuse to admit that this is an unlucky day.

At least I get my pay today. Wo-hoo. If my calculations are correct, I have a whopping 2000FIM to spend after taxes and my savings for the Tokyo trip. I won't be in competition with Bill & Larry any time soon, but I'm not a CEO of Boxman either. :)

Time to get back to the PHP, ASAP. More crap later.

To be continued...