There couldn't be a better way to start your day than two large mugs of green tea. Gunpowder, of course. Oolong works fine for me too, but there's just something about that green stuff. (Yes, also that other green stuff. And the third one is nice as well but doesn't make you happy. :)
The sustained energy lift is very pleasant, unlike the jittery jolt I get from coffee. Not to mention the tea's taste is approximately dozen times more appealing. And once I started using real tea, I never went back to the Lipton crap.

Yesterday, when I was having lunch with a bunch of coworkers, I mentioned expecting Boxman going bankrupt right after christmas. Today the news about them going down are all over. My prediction was off by 2.5 months, so I guess I won't be the next Nostradamus after all.

At least this firm must be doing well, since we just got those old back-wreckers replaced with real office chairs. This is pure heaven. Another month with those old pieces of junk and I'd be seeing a chiropractor regularily for the rest of my life. And not only new chairs, but they've been buying new kitchen equipment as well. If this keeps up, I soon don't want to go home after the workday is over..