I am not a coder.
If somebody would've told me 6 months ago I would be working on a big PHP/SQL project, with a partner who possesses even less PHP skills than me, I would've laughed until my buttocks would've detatched. But here I am. Surprisingly, the worst part is the scale of it. The language itself is dead simple and I'm learning more of it every minute, but the size and complexity of the system is simply dazzling.
It's nothing we can't handle, though. I'm sure of it. But in any case, this will be a hectic 2.5 months.
At least I am making three times the money I made 12 months ago.


Just as I finished writing that last chapter, my boss showed up with some extra work for me. Nice. I know I had something deep and meaningful to type, but now it's all gone. Oh well. :)

I'm really sad about the whole deal in Israel. It's funny how all the wars and conflicts seem so distant when you don't know anybody from the countries they're taking back in. This one is different.
Best wishes to Footprints, Wildfyre and all other noders from Israel. Seeing stuff like that happen makes me want to request all my day logs filled with stupid whining to be nuked.

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