An 8-voice digital/analog drum machine.
Manufactured between early- and mid-80s.

As the sounds, the DMX offers 24 digital 8-bit samples. More instruments can be added by using EPROMs, which can be burned with the Prommer unit. Linndrum ROMs are also compatible. The internal voice card features a CEM 3320 VCF, which was replaced by the CEM 3350 in later models. The filter is only used to smooth the output, but people have reportedly made modifications for some sweep effects.
The DMX features 8-voice polyphony, and all the voices have individual audio outputs. Unfortunately, the only ways to tune the sounds is by adjusting the trimmer pots inside the machine, or by using the CV inputs.

Programming the sequences can be done both in step and in real time, with flexible editing abilities. Several quantizing modes between 1/4 and 1/48 are included. Many humanizing functions are also available, including roll, flam, swing, dynamic tempo and more. The BPM range is 25-250.
The internal memory can hold up to 2000 events across 100 patterns and 50 songs, where each song can consist of 255 patterns. There is a cassette interface for storing more sequences.
Only CV/trigger is available for external control, with inputs for each voice. There is no MIDI, but third party retrofit kits have been released.

The Purple Rain soundtrack album from Prince is said to be the prime example of the DMX presets.

Preset Sounds
kick (loud/medium/soft)
snare (loud/medium/soft)
hi-hat (closed/accent/open)
ride cymbal (loud/soft)
crash cymbal
tambourine (loud/soft)
rim shot
tom x 6
shaker (loud/soft)

45.7cm (w) x 30cm (d) x 12.7cm (h)

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