I'm simply drowning in work here. I've got one huge project on my hands, with a smaller one as well to keep me busy. And now one of the bosses wants to hand me 3 new jobs simultaneously with no chance for a raise. With all the PHP I hardly find time for noding or other relevant stuff anymore.
All this so I can spend 2 weeks in and around Tokyo a year from now. So this is what insanity feels like.

I'm pretty anxious to try out Escape from Monkey Island. If you've read my writeup on the subject written last summer, you know my expectations were initially quite low. They haven't actually improved either, but you never know.. Although The Curse of Monkey Island butchered the plot of the first two games, it was still fun to play. I just hate those cumbersome 3D controls they'll be featuring for part 4. Oh well, I'll see how it turned out tonight.

How do you like my current home node picture? Since they did such a fine job in getting photos of me last weekend, I though I should share my ugly face with E2. For a while, anyway.
That picture got taken in a real paparazzi style, btw.
Rexx: "Hey, Break!"
Break: "Huh?"
Camera: *FLASH*
At least I represented "High" Everythingians with pride and tradition.


What to do with 10 meters of blue neon light cable?
My room soon looks like a club from the 70s. But it's amazing how colourful lights, lava lamps and such can cheer you up when it's pitch black outside 75% of the day. Hopefully it will soon get cold enough for me to keep all the flashy devices on without melting.

I forgot to tell you the good news. Or the bad news for those of you who find me annoying. :P My home account is now on monthly charge, meaning I can node all night if I'm so inclined.
I feel so liberated after having to sweat over the phonebill for 4 years and 11 months. ISDN is still slow, but at least I get to use 2 channels at once for free. Ahh.. I feel a mad noding spree coming on..

To be continued.

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