Hey, I'm alive!
No thanks to the gravity bong, though. That thing was a lethal weapon. :)

But seriously, the IRC party was a lot of fun. A bunch of geeks stuffed in a house full of booze, herbal remedies, DVDs and Dreamcast games isn't a bad combination at all. Actually, some of the alcohol-people got a bit too saturated with the legal drug, resulting in shattered glasses, honest words and enough beer'n'cider spilled on the floor to swim in. There was also an incident involving two guys, a girl and a whole lot of duct tape from the Finnish military. (Rexx got nice photos of it, of course) Too bad I have probably forgotten lots of funny details due to the sheer power of that red bucket.

At least something good came out of this ordeal: At least one friend and his fiancee are swearing they'll never drink again.
Yeah right.


Oh, great. A company christmas party trip to Tampere coming up in a few weeks. This would be all nice and good if I was into hard liquor and drinking until passing out. But spending time sober in a smoky bar is not my idea of fun. And I can't really weasel myself out of this either, without catching a near-fatal disease or something similar. A deal you can't refuse.