My eyes hurt.

But what else than ocular migraine would you expect after staring at the monitor for 6 hours with the same amount of sleep the night before? I really need to get my ass to bed early tonight, but there's just so much to do. All the fun stuff is best to do late at night, when there is a miniscule amount of external distraction present.

I still haven't found my creative flow yet, but at least some tiny ideas have popped from to my brain to the screen. Still.. Things might get ugly with such a steep deadline. I'll probably be doing 13-hour-workdays next week.

I really got pissed off at the crappy tabloid Iltalehti today. Once again they let the demented Ritva Santavuori on their pages to spit out total misinformation as a message carved in stone by god. Nobody questions her and probably at least 95% of the braindead public believes in the crap.
And yes, my writeup on the Kyle's-mom-lookalike is somewhat subjective. But it really frustrates me to see the nation being pushed back to the stone age by a senile idiot with no grasp of reality.
Again, sorry for the childish rant.

Soon it's time to leave for the local electronics store to get a new TV set. I'll have to be satisfied with a small 21" one though, since a large widescreen one couldn't fit in my place. And there is also the matter of saving lots of cash for the Tokyo trip. Oh well, 21 inches is plenty for a 12m² room.
Does size really matter?