Designer's block!

I have been doing non-creative things (read: PHP) for way too long. I used to be full of gfx design ideas, but now my mind is completely blank. And not in the good sense.
So, I've spent the day trying to gain inspiration from somewhere. So far there hasn't been any progress. And I need to get this design done by next week's thursday or I'm royally screwed.
I wonder what could cure this void.
Herbal remedies?
Subtle plagiarizing?

I guess at first I need to chill and stop worrying about it so damn much. After all, 1.5 weeks is a long time.. right?

Sensei is alive? That's great news. I hope a quick recovery for him - E2 is not the same without its best noder.
By the way, could somebody please resurrect Jeeves too? I really miss his nodes on the Japanese language.

Oh, right.. I just wanted to say that the latest South Park episode was quite sweet. Cruel funmaking of the election farce and Akira / 2001 references in one hilarious package. It's great to see that unlike many other American cartoons (*cough* The Simpsons *cough* Futurama) Stone & Parker have a plenty of fun in store.
The 4th episode of the Inu-Yasha anime was quite awesome. The show is really starting to pick up - at first it didn't seem half as good as the manga. But the battle with Yura (who was better than I first though after episode #3) was great. And it's great to see the fansub people being somewhat fast. We're only 2 episodes behind Nihon at the moment.

Hmm. Either I'm hallucinating or I've managed to actually lose some weight without even trying. A jacket that barely fit me last spring is now surprisingly loose. I guess it's time to start really trying, maybe it will result in results. This is the worst possible time to start such a project though, with xmas coming up...