On saturday I noticed that the best cure for feeling lonely and down might not be spending the night alone with somber music and a few glasses of white wine. Somewhere around 2am - when my weariness got me a lot more discombobulated than the small amount of alcohol - I came close to submitting some silly crap to E2. Fortunately I could stop myself before hitting the button. Last time I posted something in such a pathetic state it became my highest-ranking WU, but I'd rather node something of real value instead.
This writeup is naturally an exception to the rule. :)

After a few months of braindead PHP typing, I suddenly need to get creative again. This job might not offer much of a salary, but at least there are challenges: I have less than two weeks to create a "stunning" set of gfx for a big service - from scratch. Uhm.. thanks, boss.
If I don't come up with something ingenous soon I'll be on prozac before next week's Friday. But it's simply impossible to kickstart one's brains on a Monday, so I'll just spend the day checking out similar services for inspiration.

Almost forgot - time for the traditional (?) Monday whining.
Could everyone please stop hyping the "mobile internet revolution"?
Cell Phones are replacing computers in using the 'net? Yeah, right. There are those who are on the road all the time and need to work while travelling, but they've already got their laptops and GSM connections. It will be the second ice age in hell when you'll see a regular person like me browsing a stripped-down version of the WWW - or doing just about anything net-related - with a tiny 2-colour screen, when I can have a 19" monitor, a mouse and a keyboard. And why do I need to use some fancy WAP service to order my movie tickets, when I can just call the theater?
Maybe I'm just stupid, but I don't see much substance in this whole craze. Sure, there may be some useful implementations of this technology. But most of the functions can be done just as well by "traditional" means, without having to spend all that $$$.
The Emperor has no clothes.
Sorry for the rant. Did I mention it's Monday?