I'm eating some delicious and nutritious junk food at Carrols, and spot a man in a military outfit who looks exactly like Radar O'Reilly from M*A*S*H. I get home and log on to E2, and what do I see on the Random Nodes nodelet? Radar O'Reilly.
I read a node about hummers and switch on the TV. What's on? Yep, stuff about hummers.
Damn, sometimes I feel this place is hard linked to my brain or something.

At the moment we're trying to put together the gigantic IRC party starting tomorrow. Basicially that means figuring a way to get all out-of-towners to Jope's house alive and then let the chaos ensue. It's always a blast when the channel gets together, so I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Even when it means I won't get to wallow in loneliness and feed the systematic downvoters. Maybe next week then.


Ok, this ad running all day has got to be a joke. Gregorian monks singing rock'n'roll hits?
What's next?
The pope reciting lovely pieces of urban poetry by Eminem?
An all-rabbi-chorus doing Marilyn Manson A cappella?
Perl Monks switching to ASP?

The world can be a delightfully screwed up place sometimes.

Welcome back, Booyaa! :)
Great to see him and Everything Snapshot back from the dead. Now this is what I call a day log!