Well folks, this is your lucky day! This day log entry is offered with a 100% Non-political writeup guarantee. One mention of you-know-what and you get twice your XP back!


Sorry, I was lost in the friday euphoria. In 10 minutes I'll be on my way towards the good old HQ, not having to worry about the crap I encounter at work for the next 2.5 days.
The plan is to just sit back, relax and node for the weekend. I really don't get people who have trouble figuring out things to submit - I can't figure out where to get time to node all the things I've got in mind. Especially since I always try to maintain some degree of quality in my writeups, which means research, research and research.

Speaking of which... While scouting out some info on catechin, I realized that green tea is one of the very few eatable/drinkable items I've encountered which taste great and are very good for your health.
Think about it. A majority of things considered to be tasty by most people in the western countries are unhealthy in some way. Hence all sorts of general health issues (such as myself being overweight). This is one of the reasons I've started to get to know Asian cuisine better.

Ok, I think I've stayed here long enough doing nothing for the day. More musings when I get home.

To be continued.