12:52 EET

I've been having strange pains in my left side for the last 48 hours. It seems one of my muscles is rebelling against me, and hurts if I move the wrong way or breathe in too deeply.
I visited a doctor yesterday. He said it is nothing serious and should pass in a few days. If I'm still hurting on wednesday, I should go see a doctor again.
Make it tuesday, doc. The pain isn't devastating, at times it's non-existent. Would't say it would qualify as grievous bodily harm. But it still makes me feel quite uncomfortable, and I doubt even herbal remedies could be of much help.
Why does the human body have to be so damn fragile?

Surprisingly, I have really felt like working today. And it's monday! I wonder where this energy came from.
Maybe it's because I'm currently doing some writing, Which has been fun again ever since I discovered E2. Wow, this site has actually done some good for me! How about that?


Almost everybody left work early to watch the hockey world championships on television, leaving just two of us hard working workers to the office. I always thought I was the only heterosexual Finnish male who doesn't give a rat's ass about some guys beating up each other on ice, with the excuse of transporting a rubber disk around the rink.
Apparently I'm not.
This adds to my list of things the authorities in Finland can't find out. I wouldn't want to be deported! Being a Finnish Elian would suck ass.