13:43 EET

My first day on level 4. Now that I have the power to cool whopping 2 nodes a day, I've been wondering what my cooling policy might be. With my bad taste and twisted sense of humor, my choices could make people annoyed. I don't want to be any more annoying than I already am, so better be careful.

Heh, CNN is still calling ILOVEYOU a bug. In my opinion there is a "slight" difference between an accidentally created bug and a virus made with the intent to harm. Or maybe I'm just a nitpicking dumbass?
I survived this one just fine, by not using Microsoft Outlook. No need for virus killers..

Ok, time to put on some Glenn Miller and node out the day, trying to weasel myself out of as much work as possible before the weekend officially begins. I love fridays, they always make me feel really mellow and happy for no particular reason.

19:00 EET

Well, goodbye level 4. Thanks to changes in the voting/experience system, I'll be back in level 3 for a good long while. But it isn't such a big deal. As far as I'm concerned, E2 is not a popularity contest.
And at least I got to use those two cools.
If you ask me, the old system was better. But who would ask me, right?