15:52 EET

Guess what? It's friday!

Well, not really. But with a national holiday tomorrow, this sure feels like it. Too bad we have to come back to work on the real friday.. but nobody works too hard that close to the weekend anyway.

This has been one of those exhaustingly long workdays again. The bus I take to work had broken down, and they missed a shift. I had to visit the bank too, so I arrived at the office promptly at 12:40. Everybody's leaving at 16 o'clock, so I'm not going to stick around any longer either.
And if you check my voting history for the day, you'll see that I haven't been doing much besides noding either.
(remember that I'm a slow noder)

I guess I have to make up for my laziness next week, but now I'm off for a walk towards home. Too bad my MD player didn't arrive on time, some music would be nice.

Track of the day:  Multipara - Black China

Hmm.. Getting lots of negative XP again today. I still don't give a rodent's behind though, so do your worst!