23:54 EET

I've been voluntarily walking many kilometers a day for 4 days in a row. I have no idea where this came from, I just got an urge to walk last friday and have heen doing it since. After a 4.5km trip home from work I found myself not exhausted but totally energized, wanting to hit the road for more. I have no idea where this energy is coming from, with my level of fitness and all..
Hopefully this will form into a permanent habit, because I really need the exercise.

I finally "gave in" and ordered a portable minidisc recorder, Sony MZ-R90 to be exact. I had the craving for a portable music machine but a Discman didn't seem that tempting. The MP3 players don't have enough memory to store squat, and IMHO a major point of the format is to make storing lots of music in a small space possible. The models with enough memory/space are just too damn expensive, like extra memory. So, I'll go with MD.

Working has been quite nice after recharging over the weekend. My boss even liked my idea for the latest design chance (see May 26, 2000). The project is going well on schedule, so there's not much stress at the moment. I just hope the client won't be making our lives difficult any more..