After only a few weeks of unemployment, I got the news that my old firm's owner company was looking for a gfx / web crap person and I had been recommended to the position by my old boss. So I came over for a job interview, and less than a week later found myself sitting in an office working on a layout. It's almost the same job as before, with almost the same salary and in the same building. Only one floor higher - I guess that means I'm moving up on my career. :)

It's hard to keep my mind on work though, with the big entrance exam only 7 days away. I still feel somewhat confident, after all I almost made it last year and this time 'round I've been studying my ass off. Not that there wouldn't have been any obstacles.. My family refuses to believe I need some peace and quiet, and that damn Squaresoft even released Final Fantasy X for the PS2 in Europe just as I was reaching the critical point of final cramming. Oh well, at least the admission doesn't come too easy!

After June 13th I'll finally be "free" of studying (for a while anyway), which means I'll be able to node again. The editorial bullshit still pisses me off, and I personally think Wonko's daylog was on the money. However, I love E2 too much to quit. So many things to node, so few hours in a day...

And as a quick final note, the new single from The Prodigy has to be the worst piece of trash I've heard in years. WTF happened to the group that actually rocked back in 1992? I thought they couldn't possibly make anything worse than their last album.. Oh well, the kids will eat it up. Yay for "electronica". Now excuse me while I vomit.

P.S.: I deeply apologize to mkb for traumatizing him by revealing I actually enjoyed Boredigy's early work. Sorry! :)