14:26 EET

The customer is always right.
This rule can really be the proverbial pain in the ass sometimes, especially with total dumbass customers.
It's oh-so-fun to work hard on a project for weeks only to have the demands turned completely around, forcing you to start again from scratch. With a downright stupid idea to build on.
But there's no sense in whining. The only thing to do is to pucker up and kiss some hiney.

At least the weekend is right ahead. And believe me, I'm not going to spend it worrying about work issues!
Not that I would spend it partying either. Nor outside in the sun burning my skin off, like I did a week ago. BTW, the shedding of my face is almost complete!

Thankfully I remembered to grab my umbrella when leaving for work this morning. I had decided to walk home today and it's raining hard. I could really use the excercise, so mere drops of water won't be ably to spoil my walk.
After the trip home, I'll probably relax by the means of tibetian meditation. I recommend trying it out for everybody, it clears out the stress, tension and racing mind very nicely.

Anyway, a happy weekend to all the noders out there!
Just don't party too hard and pass out on a train, Ok? :)


Argh! I guess that the text "hot" in a salsa bottle stands for hot. The inside of my head is going to burn up worse than the outside did last weekend. Each tortilla chip dipped in this sauce is like a depth charge targeted at my mouth. But still tastes so good.

Walking home in the rain was great. I took a little detour through a park-style area just to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Track of the day:  Sarah Brightman - Hijo de la Luna