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01:19 EET

After getting a haircut earlier, I decided to shave too. Not "the boys", just my beard. ;)
For most of you guys out there this is a normal daily routine. But for me it's a project. I usually let my beard grow wild until I start to get remarks ranging from polite to blunt from my friends. Richard D. James style, one might say. So when I do shave, it takes a good while. This is also because I'm not really comfortable with the idea of sharp metal against my skin, and I try to be extra careful.
But at least I got the job done, and don't look like Harry Knowles for a while.

Hmm, the people building a house next to ours are still working hard on the construction. 1AM on a friday night! They could really use a break, if you ask me. :)

There's something funny about noding while a plot-carrying segment of a hardcore porn film is on TV. Just listening to the skilled actors and actresses uttering their lines with such precision, dedication and passion...
Ok, I clearly need some sleep.