I am a complete wreck today.

Late last night, Reko challenged me to create a silly bit of gfx as a sequel to something he had done before. I knew accepting would result in a lack of sleep and major zombism today, but maybe that half-a-joint had reduced my knowledge of what's good for me and what isn't.
So I twiddled with Photoshop for a good while, and eventually got the thing finished.
And here I am. It's no exaggeration to say I am struggling to keep my eyelids from crashing down like a ton of steel on Jupiter. My gray matter seems to be working at 25% of its normal speed (and that, my friends, is slow!) and I'm yawning my jaw off every five seconds. With the little motivation for work I usually possess destoyed by the severe lack of energy, I'm just staring at my monitor waiting for the clock to reach 16:00, hoping no boss will come to me with an urgent task to perform.

Since I did manage to gather 6 hours of downtime last night, a big part of my weariness and constant yawning must come from the lack of proper ventilation in the office. We had lunch in the building today, instead of walking across downtown to eat elsewhere. Apparently the short time spent outside really makes a difference.
According to our bosses, we'll move to our new facilities in a two weeks. Which in reality means we still have a month or more to go in this dungeon. Ahh, the joy of anticipation...

Btw, most of the guys didn't even think the picture was funny.
All this for nothing?! :)


A weird thing I forgot to mention..
Since our offices are located right next to those of a local ISP, we get a lot of people coming in and mistaking us to be their staff. We have used signs, posters and unpassable obstacles on the hallway, but they still walk past the ISP's offices to us every now and then.
Today, a woman came in looking for someone. She looked a little lost, so I assumed she was looking for the other firm's people. Wrong. She came over to me and said she was looking for a store selling keyboard covers. You know, the things at least 7 people around the world use to protect their keyboards for dust and stuff.
This woman - obviously not a worker here - entered these offices deep inside an office building to ask if we sold keyboard covers. WTF? How many small local ISPs work as retailers of computer accessories from their very tiny facilities?
Lots of strange people in this world. Which is why I'd never work at tech support.