Lola odusoga was born as Iyabode Ololade Remilekum Odusoga at June 30, 1977, in Turku. Before becoming famous inside Finland's borders, she was involved in latin dancing.

Lola became the Miss Finland in 1996. Not surprisingly, electing someone with a dark skin tone raised a small outcry from the more racist part of this backwoods nation. Still, Lola went on to become the second runner-up in the next Miss Universe pageant.

After her year as a beauty queen was over, she didn't step out from under the spotlight, but started exploiting everything from the skin color controversy to her small speech impairment. She advertised everything possible and even got her own brand of mineral water at some point. To this day she has been a regular face in commercials, making her the best earning Miss Finland in history.

Eventually the advertisers and tabloids grew tired of the Lola phenomenon and the income started to shrink. So she decided to get breast implants, and informed the largest tabloids Iltalehti and Ilta-Sanomat about the surgery to get as much publicity as possible.
Since this is Finland, it naturally worked. Near the end of the year 2000, Lola was all over the headlines for weeks without a break. When the public argument on whether she was right to ruin her body or not had calmed down a bit, she stepped out from hiding to appear in countless pictorials showing off her artificial enhancements.

At the time of writing, I think this country has finally reached the point where nobody cares about Lola's boobs anymore. But she'll most likely come up with a new publicity stunt in a month or two to prevent being forgotten. I'm guessing a nude pictorial, but then again she might keep that as her last resort.

Some info came from an article in City magazine.