12:27 EET

Good morning!
7 hours of sleep have never felt this good. Looks like the sudden outburst of insomnia is under control at the moment. Which is great, since I won't be sleeping much the following weekend. 2.5-day parties can be quite taxing..

I shocked a couple of my friends yesterday by revealing that the sicko organization Nambla really does exist. So many South Park fans here in Finland seemed to think it was invented by Parker & Stone.
I wish it was though. It's a sick sad world we're living in. People get incarcerated from smoking pot while people who hurt children can roam free and advertise their perversions to other potential pedophiles. That must be the price we have to pay for free speech.

This comes a bit late, but nevertheless: Happy Birthday Wildfyre!

Track of the day:  Untidy Trax Colours EP - Green
The most STUPID use of a Public Enemy sample I've ever heard. When sampling rap or other vocals, you should use them so that the lyrics make at least SOME sense!
It's still a great track though. :)