My declaration on not getting accepted into the University of Oulu in my previous day log might have been a bit premature.
Together with the scores from my lukio finals, I'm at 65 points. Last year, the lowest accepted score was 67. It might go down a bit this year. It's a long shot, but at least I've got a theoretical chance. (How ironic.)
As you might imagine, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the final results. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, so I do my best to not think about it at all. I'm doing a great job, in case you haven't noticed. :)

It's not like the nearly 2 years I've spent working haven't taught me anything. I've recently come to understand that although it wouldn't increase the amount of working hours, having two big projects on one's hands simultaneously isn't very cool. You start working on project X and the people from project Y call you to do a stupid task or attend an unnecessary meeting. And vice versa. When you finally get that important meeting arranged with the clients of job X, some hot shot new media gurus from an another company working for job Y phone you, to tell they have booked an extremely expensive consultant for the same day. Naturally, they've done this without asking you or any of your collagues if the day suits them.
Argh. Stuff like this makes living as a poor student seem strangely appealing.
Some of the more career-oriented people might think of this kind of crap as just another challenge. What can I say.. I'm hardly what they call a workaholic.

Speaking of which, the past weekend I definitely became a Flashpoint-a-holic. My plans for summer solstice were cancelled, so I decided to take on the new long awaited game everybody was hyping. Usually, when something has received tons of hype and praise in advance, it turns out to be a disappointment of some extent. In the case of Operation Flashpoint, it was the exact opposite. I haven't been this hooked on a damn game since Final Fantasy VII, with the possible exception of Metropolis Street Racer. Furthermore, I made a grave mistake last night by starting a game of Final Fantasy IX.
If this keeps up, I'm well my way on the road towards the life of a full-time gaming geek. Not that there's anything wrong with that.