Ruplex phoned in the results from Oulu.
37 points == no university for me. Maybe next year.
The Jyväskylä results aren't in yet, but my chances were worse to begin with.

It's funny.. I've spent most of my spare time doing stuff with computers since I was 9 years old. I've worked in the field for almost 2 years now. But this all means squat, hence I have just been disqualified from becoming a student of the subject. It's odd, somehow.
Of course, I have nobody else to blame for this but myself. I simply didn't study enough. Failing such a ridiculously easy exam has left me feeling inadequate as well as downright unintelligent. I've kept telling myself that working for an another 12 months isn't such a bad thing, which it really isn't. But somehow I've got this strange notion stuck in my head that I can get out of loserdom only by becoming a poor student. Unfortunately, my parents share the notion and will most likely be pissed off at my failure. That should make it easier to handle. :)

Ok, I'd better stop before this becomes an another pointless bitching and moaning day log. You know how good I am at writing up those.
In 24 hours I have forgotten all about my poor exam outcome. The long midsummer's eve weekend is upon us! This year I even get to spend it with some friends, as my best pal has nothing special to do and his girlfriend is away. After I recently got pissed on (figuratively speaking) by a person I had erroneously considered to be a friend, I've tried to not take any friendships for granted. Which is why it's especially nice to spend the biggest holiday of the summer with my mates.

In case you're not a Finn and aren't aware of our customs, the Finnish Midsummer's Eve traditions include boozing almost to the point of passing out, taking a small boat to the lake with no life jacket and subsequently drowning.
Me and my buddies are not traditionalists.

The Unbelieveable E2 Meeting in Helsinki™ is approaching fast. Having attempted to organize similar (non-E2) get-togethers before, I'm quite sure 75% of the signed up people come up with a weak excuse 24 hours before the gathering and won't show up. But I'm also positive that the ones who do attend will have a good time. I'm personally really looking forward to meeting my fellow Everythingians for the first time. Don't worry, there will be plenty of photographic evidence for the rest of you...

By the way.. How come is the day log so empty today?
Are people taking a summer holiday from E2?
Or are they scared of the systematically downvoting pussies?
In any case, I'm happy to step on the mine field.