22:32 EET

Downtown Hämeenlinna was outright packed today. Probably due to the national holiday yesterday, the traffic was really bad all around. Snce I was going to visit the post office, I stayed on the bus for one extra stop. But the street was nearly gridlocked, and it would've been faster to walk the few blocks. But at least I made it to the post office without getting hit by a truck and got my minidisc walkman. Which is a great small device Btw.

We had a nice lunch with a bunch of other guys from the office. I'm not sure if it counts as male bonding - we didn't start yelling Wazzuuuuuup?! or anything - but we had a good time plus a tasty meal. I had never even been to that particular diner, which turned out to be a splendid place.
Maybe we should try to end all theracism in the world just by forcing the racist dumbasses to eat at a good restaurant run by foreigners.

The day hasn't been all peachy. I've been a bit tired and cranky the whole evening, and lost my nerves at my mom and sister for keeping too much noise. Some people just can't understand that when a person is tired with a headache, he/she could maybe appreciate some peace & quiet.

I Just saw an interesting report by a researcher from the department of social policy at The University of Tampere. It backs up the theory that cannabis isn't that harmful and alcohol is actually a more dangerous substance. I haven't seen many studies on this subject released in Finland, and this one really didn't hold anything back. More scientific papers like this and we might hopefully see positive changes in our nation's nazi politics some day.
I just hope the author doesn't get into trouble for releasing this kind of information into the public. It would not be the first time...