15:53 EET

While at lunch reading a newspaper, I came across an article hyping functional food items. It seems to be the trendy thing at the moment. But for me it seems to be yet another overhyped buzzword not really meaning much. I mean, isn't all food functional? What, removing hunger doesn't qualify as a function anymore? :)

The midsummer eve is coming up, and it looks like I'll be going to hang out at ReXX' apartment in Helsinki. Some friends are organizing a huge party at Virrat, but they'll be busy working there and I don't have any people to go with. I was promised VIP entry and that I could sleep at a hotel reserved for the organizers & DJ:s. But that isn't 100% certain, and travelling all the way there to find out I'd have to sleep 3 nights in a tent would suck. So I'll pass.
Most of Finland will naturally spend the nightless night by guzzling hard liquor 'til they drop. The drowning rate of Finnish men is incredible around midsummer, since some of the drunken bastards make it into a boat while they're still conscious. With no life jackets or anything, it's the recipe for wet death.
Haven't you ever heard that song by Loverboy? "Booze and boats just don't mix" :)

I didn't do much in E2 last weekend, but that was only because I was having a great time on IRC. An inside channel with just the right people as regulars can be a wonderful (and crazy) thing sometimes. Don't worry, working hours are still exclusively for noding.

Track of the day:  Seremoniamestari feat. Peter Nygård - Turha Jätkä
I don't usually like rap at all.. But Seremoniamestari is the exception. Mostly because of the humor and self-irony.

Note to the people downvoting our day log writeups and creating childish offensive soft links to the nodes:
No matter what you do, you can't stop me from noding.

Who gives the proverbial Rattus Norvegicus' posterior about a few XP units anyway?
Everything is a diary. Accept it.