15:04 EET

Another busy workday. If you can call watching some fellow employees configuring a display adapter for Linux being busy.
An important meeting with was going on, and my bosses were using my workstation to demonstrate stuff. I had to just hang out with some coworkers in an another room for a long while. So it's over 15 o'clock already, and I haven't had the time to do any serious noding - um, I mean work.

Not like the others would be busy coding or creating graphics.. At the moment there is an intense football tactics discussion going on. Our firm lost the last game (1) in the local company league, I hope they'll do better this time.
I myself am not playing due to my leg (2). I'm thinking of wasting a lot of $$$ on a private doctor to get my knee inspected and fixed - the waiting list for regular medical center is 1.5 years long! It sucks to be poor sometimes..

I just noticed that this is my 200th writeup. Yep, I'm still a damn newbie! But the only way is up, unless the E2 editors start nuking my crappy nodes.

They lost 5-1 to the local land measurement workers. Kind of embarassing.

I busted my knee a year and a half ago. My leg got caught while I was moving a huge and heavy monitor out of a car and twisted quite painfully. It healed pretty quickly, so I didn't even go see a doctor. (what a dumbass, eh?)
But this spring I wrecked it again while walking on a slippery walkway. And much worse. I can walk Ok, but when it comes to sharp turns or moving sideways, the leg might fail on me any moment.