I survived Oulu... and I didn't even get a T-Shirt!

One of the two entrance exams is behind me. I think it's safe to say at this point I won't be calling myself an university student any time soon.
I believe the test actually went OK. Unfortunately, one has to do a lot better than OK to get in, especially with my lukio diploma. I still have the other test in Jyväskylä, but it's a lot harder to pass it than the one in Oulu. Snowball, Hell etc.
Am I devastated, depressed and/or unhappy about this? Nope.
At least I gave it a shot. The exam was actually damn easy, so next year I know to put a lot more time and effort in preparing myself for it. I'll also most likely apply to some "lesser" schools this fall, which is something I should've done this spring already. It's not like I'm running out of options or anything.
Call me crazy, but I'm actually feeling good at the moment.

I just hope my no.1 IRL friend gets accepted to the polytechnic institute in Hämeenlinna instead of the one in Riihimäki. He's one of the last friends of mine who still live around here, and him leaving would make me feel more and more deserted. I talk with most of the moved guys on IRC for hours every single day and meet them at parties, but it's not the same.
Then again, I'm happy for him no matter what school and city the guy gets in. He said his both exams went really well, so it's looking good. Better than it does with me. :)

In any case, the pressure will ease considerably after next friday. I just need to get myself to do some frantic last-minute studying, no matter how futile it is in reality. I promise to go on a mad noding spree next weekend, to make up for my recent inactivity in E2. There's a truckload of ideas and material waiting to be Everythingized.
Wait, did I say there'll be no pressure? Scratch that. The First Ever E2 Get-Together in Finland is approaching fast, and is still very disorganized. I'm no good at this stuff, but thankfully many Finnish noders have good ideas. Kudos to Simppa, Omegas, CapriKorn and others! This might become a rather cool event.

I still have to get some of my email sorted out before going to bed. Certain people are most likely very pissed off at me for not replying their mails for over a month. I don't really know what to tell them, the whole deal with the exams has kept me very passive even when I haven't been actually studying.

To all the foreigners who hate Survivor..
Thank great maker you're not in Finland where you could see our rip-off of the show.
Yes, it is more horrible than the Merkin edition.
The Finnish language has a word for such programs: "perseestä".

666 writeups. No wonder this one was so devilishly bad. :)