17:25 EET

Things did get better yesterday after all. I had a great time playing MTG for the first time in years, and the pot certainly brought a nice twist to it. :)

My CEM noding project is still seriously under construction, mainly because my crappy home ISP's stupid mandatory WWW cache has a lot of problems with E2. I hope I'll be able to at least submit this writeup.

A part of the enduro racing world championship is being held right here in Hämeenlinna. My parents' house is just between the two competition areas, so noisy bikes have been going back and forth all day. But since I've been working with my music all day, I haven't been able to hear much else anyway. While I'm usually extremely critical about my own work, the track I have been finishing today sounds totally funky. The inspiration is going on strong, so I'd better go back to the sequencer to work on some new noise pollution..

To be continued...