12:58 EET

Had a nice junk food breakfast: A chicken hamburger at HesBurger. The place sucks, but it's the best option downtown since they removed one of the 3 Carrols-restaurants a while ago. I wish somebody would steal my idea for a Hi-Tech Hamburger Restaurant™ soon. :)

It's wonderfully chilly out again, maybe even a bit too cold for walking around wearing a T-shirt. At the moment it even looks like the lethally hot weather won't arrive to the southern Finland this weekend. Yay!

Speaking of the weekend, the big marine festival has begun in the city of Kotka. This basicially means some concerts and other happenings, and a small seaside city completely packed with finns consuming ridiculous amounts of hard liquor, puking all over the place etc.
I went to the festival once a few summers ago, and found it quite pointless and boring. The most interesting thing was walking from downtown Kotka to the summer cottage we were staying at with Masa and his then-girlfriend. Every single street light was turned off and the distance we had to walk was approx. 11km. When we finally got to the cottage, somebody noted that we could've just taken a bus. ARGH!
We weren't the most unlucky ones, though. Other members of our group had left the city center a few hours later, but walked in the opposite direction for 4km before noticing it. Trust me, they were pretty pissed off when they finally made it.
Needless to say, I'm not going to attend the booze-festival this year, or any year for that matter. My boss has made a big number about him going all week, and I'm really looking forward to hearing how fun it is not being able to remember a thing about the whole weekend afterwards. Sigh.

Hämeenlinna has something a lot nicer: a hot air balloon race with its route going right over our house. I'll probably spend the weekend laying on the grass watching those colourful things floating slowly in the sky. (can you say "trippy"?)

22:22 EET

My sister is back from the summer camp, and it seems she had a great time over there. Good! The only complaint she had was on the unability to go back next week. :) Remembering the fun I had in the very same camp 10 years ago, I fully understand how she feels.

The GHB kicked in, and I found myself noding lyrics again. I'll probably get systematically downvoted, but who cares?

No hot air balloons on the sky as of yet. But I'm waiting...

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