15:34 EET

I predicted yesterday that this day would be a productive one. And it has indeed. I've done more work today than I did in the last two weeks combined. There hasn't been any time for noding, can you believe that? My boss has even liked my design ideas, which is a rare thing to witness. The rainy weather and a bit lower temperature sure hit the spot.

Speaking of being productive, I have a good feeling there will be a lot of progress in my Big LightWave Project™ today. I already modeled the chandelier and spent way too much polygons on it - approximately 23000. (That is a lot to an object which is supposed to be far in the background.
Right now I'm looking for pictures on the baroque/renaissance eras' interior architechture for inspiration. If anyone reading this has any good links on the subject, please /msg me on the chatterbox.

The local supermarket finally brought the tasty & cheap ramen noodles back to the shelves. Yay! The best things in life are free, but cheap stuff can be quite sweet as well.

We have been having network problems at the building all day. I would like to point out that Sonera sucks ass. Sorry for possible tpyos in this writeup, I will fix them when I get home and am able to use E2 with a better speed than one submit every 5 minutes.

Mental note: Shave.. Shave.. Shave..