12:46 EET

Nice. Our yard was visited by vandals last night. A drain pipe was ripped out of the wall and our trash can had been tipped over. Well, I hope it was worth the rush for the (presumeably) drunken teen responsible.
I'm just wondering what warranted the attack? Why us? To my knowledge, my family doesn't have any mortal enemies nor anyone pissed off at us enough to do such inane acts. Perhaps it was completely random. Still.. An idea of a stranger walking around our premises damaging our property is quite disconcerting. Especially in such a peaceful neighborhood. Hopefully it was just a singular, random act by some drunk passing by.

I was going to write a node on Akseli Gallen-Kallela today, but since the hours/days of work would only result in accusations of copyright violation, I'll pass. Maybe I'll just stick to writing these day logs and other personal crap. Thankfully Everything is a diary, and nobody has yet tried to claim copyright on what goes on in my brain.

One node which I will be creating in a few days is a diary for my Big LightWave Project™. I even made some progress yesterday, even if it was only approx. 100 polygons for a chandelier which I'll be needing for the scene. After cleaning up my pigsty tonight I'll work on it some more. There's no hurry really, since the "deadline" is months and months away. But when the inspiration is running strong, it needs to be used before vanishing again.

Sigh, the Arabuusimiehet server is still down. This is what happens when a typical admin gets a girlfriend and starts to pretend having a life™. (the dark side of the force!) Thankfully I'm never going to "suffer" from the same "problem" with my looks.

Ok, time to pretend being busy working. Another update later, if anything noteworthy happens. Have a nice day, fellow noders!

14:43 EET

My dad just called to inform me that he'll leave with my mom to pick up my sis from my aunt. Ahhh, empty house for the next 24 hours. Except if I call a friend over.. But with herbal remedies, it would still be quite peaceful. :)

To be continued...

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