In an attempt to promote a healthier lifestyle, I had an oatmeal breakfast today. Hopefully it will turn into a permanent habit soon. I have already switched from excess daily usage of caffeine-rich soda into water and 100% orange juice. And with the (almost) daily 4.5km walk, I'm feeling quite good. All that's left is resisting the temptation walking past Carrols...

Some of the guys at work just left to donate blood. I'm feeling a bit guilty about not going, but I really have a problem with needles puncturing through my skin. At least it's safe to say I'm not becoming a heroin addict anytime soon, right? (Then again, I wouldn't become one even if they sold it in raspberry-tasting candy.)

I finished my first long writeup yesterday, and the first thing I get is some soft-linking coward accusing me of theft.
Let me get this straight: When a noder nodes more than three sentences of something other than personal things, it is automatically considered a copyright theft?
Fine. Whatever. If short writeups with only a tiny bit of information is what you want, that's what you'll get.
Granted, I have copyed bits of text directly (with credits) a few times, when I was a bigger E2 newbie than now. That's not something to be proud of, and I have since ceased to do so. So get off my back (or at least /msg instead of being a coward). There are worse copyright thieves on Everything than me.

Sorry for possible incoherency and tpyos, I was up quite late playing Sonic Adventure. How do they make those games so damn addictive? :)


Bah. My plan on weaseling out of work for the second day in a row seems ruined, with my boss wanting me to start designing some totally uninteresting web project with him. But in any case, I'll be out of the office by 15:00.

Say, where's Booyaa? This day log node looks too.. er.. peaceful without B's contribution. :)

Note to self: For the love of god, Shave!   (or at least cover all the mirrors you encounter)