14:32 EET

I called the company I ordered a Dreamcast from, to find out what was taking so damn long. The two employees in charge of orders were both in Barcelona (?) and the staff present was quite confused. They promised to investigate further, but 15 minutes later I walked to the local gaming store and bought one for only 100FIM more.
Now I just feel a little bad about calling the first firm and canceling the order that caused one of the workers extra work investigating what went wrong. But those are the breaks. Get organized or lose customers!

I should probably cease complaining about my miniscule salary. Due to being 50% of the entire graphics "staff" in this small company, I'm getting lots of tiny work projects. They pay pretty good compared to larger jobs, when looking at the difficulty and the actual amount of work involved. My boss just joked that I'll soon be making three times as much as anyone else here. I used to curse the Internet becoming a thing for the masses, but now I'm sort of liking it. :)

00:23 EET

It's official: Dreamcast rules!
I'm totally hooked. Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure.. The games are really fun. Maybe I'm enjoying them as much because I haven't owned a console since CD32. The only complaint I can come up with is that the US games have the music replaced with total crap like Offspring. Yuck!

My little sister Riikka left today to spend a week with relatives on the countryside. I myself had a great time there on many summers when I was small, so I hope she'll enjoy it too. Right after my sis gets back, she's off to spend a week at a summer camp.
Ahh.. two weeks of peace.
*leans back on the chair to the point of almost falling down*