13:39 EET

My first day as a monk. Should I get a robe and take a wow of silence now? My co-workers would probably get a kick out of seeing me noding intensely in a bathrobe all day witohut saying a word. And perhaps I could top that by eating a lot of doughnuts all the time? After all, the same word is used for both monk and doughnut in the Finnish language. Then again, eating donuts silently all day wearing a robe would probably make me even rounder than I currently am. So I'll be a monk in name only, Ok?

Yes, I am bored. No need to ask. :)

The long writeup I wrote about yesterday is still under construction. Hopefully it won't be destroyed by a substantial amount of incoherency, which is always a problem with my writings. But it's time to stop babbling about nothing and get on with it.